• Giving, Gifts and More....

    Our favorite time of the year! Gathering family together for meals, stories and exchanging gifts of old and new. It's become a recent tradition with our family to give sentimental gifts, gifts passed down through the years. Who doesn't love a reminder of your childhood or be given a collectible that your grandmothers treasured? 

    When you shop at Birdwell's, we give each customer a "goodie bag". A small token of appreciation that started as a tradition from our grandmother, Eula Birdwell. Every child who visited her home could not leave without an empty bread bag filled with store bought candy! This holiday season, we are thankful for every customer and shopper we have meet these last few months! 

    As our families gather this week and the holiday shopping season officially begins, please visit our website for an easy and hassle free shopping experience. To simplify your life, we offer free local delivery so you can have time to share in the things you enjoy this season.

    Watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials! Until then, give thanks and enjoy the the time spent around the table with family and friends. 


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  • Road Trips

    Summer time is known for many things in the south. Road trips filled with fun memories. Cars loaded in preparation of excitement ahead to destinations across the miles. Beach, theme parks, camping, big city exploring, family reunions, sporting events, summer camps, trips to grandma's house- you name it! 
    Our line of hand lettered state prints are great reminders of all things southern road tripping! From the plains of Texas to the sweet state of Georgia-check out our prints of each state across the south. A great gift for yourself as a summer vacation souvenir or a gift of hospitality to the one that shared their home with you this summer. Shop the line under our Lagniappe Collection and safe summer travels! 


  • Thanks-a-million

    In honor of women who inspire, empower and mold us, we honor our grandmothers who influenced us greatly. We are excited to share our new adventure with our family and friends- Birdwell's, a collection of southern style! An online home and gifting store launching this June! Stay tuned for more details and exciting news! 
    Angela Pfanner and Gina Dempsey

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