About Us

Birdwell's is a gifting and home furnishing store whose  inspiration comes from the southern tradition, style, and nostalgia one might find when welcomed into the homes of my grandmothers, Eula Birdwell and Evelyn Procell.
Growing up, my grandmothers shared many things including their time and stories but one of our favorite things shared was the well-known goody bag—simply a bread bag filled with lots of candy and love. Imagine the excitement leaving grandma's house with a goody bag... sure made us grandchildren beg to come back often.
My beloved grandmothers example of hard work, love of family, unwavering faith, and "thanks-a-million" gratitude is a blueprint Birdwell's wishes to embody and share. As we present our curated collections, we hope our gifts and furnishings find a great place in your home and southern hospitality fills the air.
Angela & Team Birdwell's 

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