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    As you settle down with your morning coffee, perhaps your mind goes quickly to unfolding events of the day. Unfortunately daily routines, busy schedules and breaking new stories can take the joy out of your day before the first ”Good morning” in your home has ever been spoken.
    Instead of allowing our environment or circumstances to affect our day, what would happen IF we choose to have a good one? Our grandmother used to say, “life is about perspective, change yours and you may enjoy your day”. Check out four ways to pull back the shades of life and begin letting a little more sunshine infiltrate your day.

    • Choose your attitude. Think of a few people you know who are always in a good mood. Positivity seems to flow from them, and it draws others to be in their presence. You can feel a genuine love of life and it radiates from them. What is it about that person that makes them unique? Our grandmother believed an attitude fostered in love, changed a space, a person, an environment, and a world. This was one of her greatest attributes she put into daily practice. She didn’t enjoy the security of big bank account and faced many challenges but she did secure a richness that was cultivated in her choices to love others and life. Like any habit, love at times is a choice, it will change an attitude and the more you practice, the more natural it becomes.
    • Make one person feel important. Everyone wants to be acknowledged. No matter how successful, rich, poor, beautiful or intelligent an individual, he or she still has a need to feel special. Everyone matters. Make it your goal today to let someone know they count. It could be sending a smile to a stranger on the sidewalk. Texting or calling an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. Picking up a loved ones favorite type of cupcake and bringing it by on a whim. You choose the person and action. Be intentional. The awesome, reciprocating aftereffect: yours and someone else’s day will be made better.
    • Let go of the fear of playing. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, the essence of just pure simple non-goal oriented playtime has been lost by many of us, even feared. What if for a single moment of time, we thought about the experience of jumping on a trampoline instead of washing the next load of clothes? How about riding a bike to the park instead of rushing to the park in a car silencing for a moment the responsibilities calling our name? Playtime cannot only be rejuvenating but can also help one see the day just a little different. Try adding some “childish” playtime in your life. Our grandmother, Eula Birdwell, surely believed in it. Even into her late 70’s, you would see her bouncing around on stilts and “doing a little jig” as she would say. Find time today, do your little “jig” because fun awaits you!
    • List what you’re grateful for. Dark clouds floating above you make it difficult to write about the good in your life. If you currently feel like life has handed your lemons, many would say just make lemonade. That’s a cute little saying but the realty is sometimes that is easier said than done. Life can be hard and it can knock you down to your core. It can challenge your believe in yourself, others and everything you believe in. The best advice one could give is to stop and think upon things you are grateful for. Jotting down even one element in your life for which you’re grateful for every day does a mind good and is renewing. Our grandmother would start each day with a vocal "thank you, Jesus." She’d also just use the phrase anywhere and anytime; as she was always thanking the One to which she felt she owed it all.

    Regardless of where you find yourself in life, keeping a grateful journal or stopping to give thanks for each passing day will take you to new heights period. Think on these joys of life because where the mind goes, a man follows.

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