Sea Salt Grapefruit Lotion


Sea Salt Grapefruit Lotion
  • $ 18.00

Our Sea Salt Grapefruit Lotion is made of plant based ingredients that moisturize the hands and body while leaving a light fragrance on the skin. Notes of juicy, ripe grapefruit and black pepper intertwined with sea salt blend together for a bright and energizing scent. Balanced with dew drop accords and tarragon, Sea Salt Grapefruit will instantly transport you to your favorite summer spot by the sea. 

  • 2.5" d, 6.5" H
  • 10 fl oz
  • The key ingredient in our plant-based lotion is aloe vera, known for its anti-aging, moisturizing, and healing qualities. Our custom blend of aloe vera, essential oils, and natural botanicals creates a fast absorbing moisturizer. 

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