Champagne Dreams Acrylic Tray Inserts Set


Champagne Dreams Acrylic Tray Inserts Set
  • $ 20.00

Champagne Thoughts is our nod to the Veuve Clicquot champagne trend. The colors are spot on and add that perfect pop of orange and pink for your bar cart. Swap from Matisse inspired inserts to playful tigers to BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BUBBLE! **Acrylic trays are all the rage and are definitely on trend. Why should customers settle for one design when they can have TEN designs and change them out on a whim? The acrylic tray is an extra-large 11x17 tray that perfectly fit our 11x17 insert designs. The patent pending pocket on the bottom of the tray allows the inserts to be easily interchanged and protected. The acrylic is also food safe. The trays are functional, fabulous and extra-large. They are great for your bar cart, ottoman or even for makeup on your vanity. The options and designs are endless!

This set is inserts only. Acrylic tray not included- sold separately. 

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