Pura Smart Diffuser Yellowstone Home Fragrance Set


Pura Smart Diffuser Yellowstone Home Fragrance Set
  • $ 80.00

Pure created the first smart home scent diffuser in the world, and we've recently collaborated with them using only the finest and purest ingredients from our Yellowstone Collection of fragrances, so that we can give you the smells and feelings you want to create in the places that you love most. Pura, like Caswell-Massey, is the intersection between technology and fragrance, creating unique products that elevate your lifestyle.

The Yellowstone Pura Smart Diffuser Set features Caswell-Massey's Old Faithful and Lake fragrances. Old Faithful, a woody spicy fragrance referencing the environs of the Old Faithful geyser, sits you next to a cedar campfire surrounded by guardian evergreens. Lake, a bright, citrus floral fragrance that finds inspiration from Lake Yellowstone, transforms you to sleeping under the stars by the Park’s fresh water source.

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