Camellia Necklace


Camellia Necklace
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The camellia flower is a staple of any traditional Southern garden. They are most recognizable for their bold, bright pink to crisp white or deep red flowers that bloom through the coldest and darkest time of the year in the South.

The Camellia Brand has been a family-owned business from New Orleans since 1923. At one point, “95% of packaged dry beans sold in New Orleans were Camellia Brand.”

Bags of their beans have been on the kitchen countertops in my lifetime since I was tall enough to see what was up there. If you're from the South, it is likely that your mothers and grandmothers turned these dry beans into the best meal you remember. Camellia beans are quite literally in our Southern bones.

Hidden in each of our camellia pieces is a tiny red bean, as an homage to the company that’s fed us so well all these years.

Whether you love the flower or the beans or both, there is no denying the camellia is a fixture in our Southern culture.

The pendant measures 1" from top of design to bottom (not including ring at the top) and 5/8" from side to side. 

Made by Mimosa Handcrafted. 

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