• A Birdwell's New Year

    It seems holidays come around faster and faster each year. As a child time moved much slower, right? Christmas and the New Year could not come soon enough. It took forever for Santa to pay us a visit or for the smell of black eyed peas and cabbage to be cooking on Mamaw's stove. 

    One of the most wonderful memories we had growing up was at Mamaw and Papaw's house for New Year's Eve. The joy and excitement of waiting for the clock to tick to midnight along with the anticipation of a brand new year was almost as fun as waiting for Santa! Almost. 

    We loved to spend the night with Mamaw and wait for the midnight hour to come. You see she would simply spend time with us playing games, and singing songs while we clapped along and waited.....and waited.....

    Then as midnight creeped closer, pots and pans, spatulas and wooden spoons would ring a joyful noise welcoming the New Year. Yes, right in the middle of the kitchen floor we would strike up the pots and pans band to ring in a brand new year together! 

    What wonderful memories of time well spent, enjoying the simple pleasures and the love of family being together. 

    We hope you have precious memories of holidays, family and bringing in a New Year. Our wish for 2018 is just that. Celebrating traditions, making new ones along with enjoying each moment the New Year brings our southern homes. Happy New Year!

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